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PPMS accounts on this system are used by the following facilities: Integrated Cellular Imaging (ICI), Emory Integrated Genomics Core (EIGC), Transgenic Mouse & Gene Targeting Core (TMF), Robert P. Apkarian Integrated Electron Microscopy Core (IEMC), Emory Flow Cytometry Core (FCC), Rodent Behavioral Core Facility (RBC), Emory Personalized Immunotherapy Center (EPIC), Center for Systems Imaging and Biomedical Imaging Technology Center (CSIBITC), Emory Integrated Proteomics Core (Proteomics), Emory Integrated Computational Core (EICC), Emory Comprehensive Glycomics Core (ECGC), Emory Pediatric's Flow Cytometry Core (ECFCC), Pediatrics Animal Physiology Core (PEDSAP), Emory Integrated Lipidomics Core (EILC), Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Core Services (PedCBDCS), Emory Multiplexed Immunoassay Core (EMIC), Winship Research Informatics (WRI), Winship Cancer Animal Models (CAMS), Winship Research Pathology Core Lab (RPCL), Winship Human Tissue Procurement (HTP), Winship Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BBISR), Winship Shared Equipment (WSE), Emory Pediatric Biomarkers Core (EPBC), Pediatrics Human Specimens Biorepository (PHSB).

If you have a PPMS account that does not work anymore or may have been deactivated, please do NOT fill out this form, please contact an administrator for assistance: EICC facility, email:eicc@emory.edu, phone:404-778-5123.
If you do not remember your password, you can follow these instructions.

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